Sunday Self Care: R & R Mask


To end this lovely Sunday I'm going to use my Summer Fridays R & R Mask. It's my absolute favorite to get my skin clean and soft. I love how it also smooths out the texture of my skin. The scent is gorgeous with blends of essential oils and finely ground rose powder. The effect is part mask, part serum with a refined feel and elegant scent, it's the ultimate indulgence! I feel like I'm giving my skin such a treat with this rose scented mask. After I'm done removing and patting the remaining oils into my skin I will follow with using the Jet Lag Mask moisturizer. 

I thought I'd give my skin some extra love to end the 7th week of quarantine (7th week for me).
I hope all have been staying healthy and safe (and sane) during these strange times. I'd love to know what other similar masks you're currently using or thinking of trying? Stay safe xoxo

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