Morning Routine - Summer Fridays Edition


I've been indulging a lot into my self care routine since we've been spending more time at home. I've always had an okay morning routine, that only involved a face wash and moisturizer. However, since having more time to myself I've been religious about my morning routine. After all, I'm wearing less makeup these days and I love knowing that my skin is being taken care of.

I've been a long time fan of the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, it's been my favorite moisturizer as it's super hydrating and nourishing. I've organically purchased each item as they've released individually from the brand. I can now say all of the products used in my morning routine are all Summer Fridays.

I love everything about this brand, their philosophy, the founders and the clean ingredients they use. My skin has never looked and felt better. I use to have red blemishes on my cheeks, but since using their Super Amino Gel Cleanser it's definitely balanced out my skin texture and brightened up my skin. I love the scent of the cleanser as well, it has a spa scent and it feels like I'm giving myself a mini facial each time.

My skin was quite oily on the T-zone areas, where at times I'd have to blot it with a oil sheet mid day. The CC serum is where I feel I have to thank, because of the squalane and vitamin C it's helped nourish it. Since using the cleanser for the past two months, my skin isn't as oily anymore. With the amino acids in the cleanser, it's definitely balanced out my skin type.

This is not sponsored, I just admire the brand. I'm one of their loyal customers and this is my exact morning skincare routine. I thought I'd share since they are having a sale right now "The Essential Trio" on their site. I also have photographed below the Lip Butter Balm by Summer Fridays it feels so delicious on and has a buttery texture, not greasy at all which can be hard to find. I'm always looking for new products, share below what I should keep in my cabinet and try on next.

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