My 3-Minute Banana Date Collagen Smoothie


Here's my updated Poosh banana date smoothie i've been having all week. It's easy, quick, delicious and full of collagen protein. 

I've been using the Purely Optimal Multi Collagen Powder for the past month consistently as an afternoon pick me up. This week's go-to recipe has been a banana and date smoothie. Try this easy recipe, you most likely already have the items in your pantry. I modified the banana smoothie recipe from Poosh's website. I removed the MCT oil and bone broth protein and added my own collagen powder. 

Banana & Date Collagen Smoothie
- One cup organic almond milk or coconut milk
- One organic banana
- Two organic dates (optional) 
- One dash of cinnamon 
- One scoop of ice 

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy :)

How do we know when the vitamins and supplements we take are actually working? With all of the cleaning and washing dishes as of recently, my nails are the strongest they've been. Currently, my nails are free of any gel or regular polish and they've remained strong and long. I think we can all agree we are washing dishes more than ever right now. I'm washing dishes every. single. day. Sometimes even 1-2x a day. That is the true test here, my nails are not brittle or shaped in various lengths, they are pretty solid. 

What are other great ways to test if the collagen powder is really "working" for you? Share below and let me know what you think. I'll be looking for an alternative to switch things up, but for now I'm into the banana and date smoothie in the mid-afternoon. Great for a recovery drink after a nice workout or nice just to give yourself some love throughout the week.


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