Travel: London, England July 2015


In July of 2015 I experienced one of my life long goals being a student, which was to study abroad, an amazing oppourtunity where I studied with my university, California State University San Bernardino. I met the most amazing and sweetest people, who are now friends on this once in a lifetime trip! I'm thankful for the new friendships I made being there. Towards the end of the trip, we became pretty close and attached it was difficult to say our good byes as we went off on our separate ways. You can see here on my last post where I did a quick instagram recap! On this post I will share my favorite moments in London. The city was so special and unique, I truly feel everyone should experience London as it's a must see destination! Loved how all the museums were free too. Visiting all the main attractions and being a tourist was nice for a change. My favorite attraction was Big Ben, as you can probably tell I took more than a few photos of him, he was so charming to look at and it was also nice to hear the bell chime every 15 minutes while we were in the city.
More posts from my trip will come soon…enjoy!

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