Travel: Homeslice Pizza in Covent Garden, London

While in London we tried many amazing types of food, visiting Borough Market was a must for any foodie. We always kept going back to pizza though. The pizza in London is so much different than here in the U.S. After trying multiple places, hands down Homeslice Pizza in Covent Garden, London is the BEST and most delicious pizza! They only sell individual slices or a full 20 inch pizza, there is no in between. The first time I visited I had 2 individual slices, the second trip my friend Jackie and I ate the entire 20" pizza with a couple slices left over. They also had this spicy oil that just made it perfect. It's worth a trip if you're going to visit London anytime soon. You also get to view these beautiful buildings all while enjoying your gourmet pizza.

Jules of Style

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