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I'd seen a post on IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) the different spaces and places where bloggers create their work from. I noticed I didn't really have my own personal creative zone for my work. So I'd like to share with you my latest project in the making, which is an inspirational room or work area dedicated for work, studying and of course blogging! I really enjoyed looking at where other bloggers love to work from. From the late, it's usually wherever I've felt the most comfortable at home either on the couch, dining area or bedroom. I thought having a special room will help with my productivity level creating new inspiration ideas flow easily. 

Everyone has their own drift where they love to blog from. The images below is what I would like to re-create only my version of course. I loved the whole desk idea with a few functional elements added and accessories. Another must was to have an inspirational/ mood board just above the work area. 
Now that I have more time since I am working at the boutique and styling less, I'll have time to work on my new project. I already have a dedicated space, a desk & board. I just have to set it up and make it pretty. 

If you would like to re-create something similar to this idea all you need are the following:

1) A dedicated room/ or space area
2) spacious desk & comfortable chair 
3) Inspirational / Mood board (a bulletin board will do fine)
4) Accessories that describe you the best! ie: flowers, candles, lamps, anything that you love really!

Let me know in a comment where your favorite space to blog from!

 Enjoy xo!

Images from Pinterest, IFB and Sincerely Jules.

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  1. love this post! it really inspires me to change up my blogging space:) thanks xo

    1. your welcome! that is my goal to inspire others! : )