INSPIRATION: The Roaring 1920's Fashion | The Great Gatsby


So, I finally seen the movie everyone was hyping about... The Great Gatsby.
It was an admirable film overall. The events that were taken place in the original novel, the politics and most importantly the fashion were on point in this film. The only detail I'd change was the music. I was really looking forward to hearing some amazing jazz running through my ears last night, but despite of the music the film was simply stunning. I was so inspired by the film when I came home I researched more about the 1920's. I knew the obvious facts of what happened in that era, but I was hungry to know more about the heritage of it all. 

Here are some of my favorite 1920's inspired editorial looks. Oh! how I wish I lived in the 20's it was such a vast time in our history when inventions were being created on the daily and women was transformed into the independent working girl. Like they say, you always want what you cant have. I could't agree more!

enjoy xo.

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  1. I loved the film too, I couldn't wait the movie to come out before I organized a Gatsby party in my apartment :p What a great decade!
    I follow you now on bloglovin and gfc :)

  2. Oh amazing inspiration dear, love this! Really vintage with a edgy touch. Amazing! I'm having a shoot next week for my blog and I really can use some inspiration!

    TFD | The Fashion District

  3. Loved the film and I absolutely love the 20's style inspiration with the long beaded and sequin dresses and headbands, pearl jewellery.. Just amazing!
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  4. You sound very inspired by your new 1920's discoveries as I was! Great pictures.

  5. amazing glamorous pictures!

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  6. These are such beautiful pictures!! I love the gorgeous details on the dresses. 20's fashion is so classic! I would love to see the movie, but unfortunately it doesn't have enough blood, guts and explosions for my husband. hehe. Maybe I'll just go see it on my own, it looks like such a great film.
    Thanks for sharing these!!